lørdag den 14. maj 2011

Playstation 3 games I am jalous of as an xbox player

For years now i have been a gaming nerd. The reason why i love games? No idea and i don't think any gamers can give a reason. Just that it is do damn some to something do something that could never happen in the real life. And then, gaming is so damn fun.
My favorite gaming genre is sport. I am a sport fanatic and sport games never gets old because something new happens all the time. Nothing is the same. But for sure sport doesn't do enough for me. I love everything Rockstar Games has made and other all time favorites like Modern warfare, Fallout, Half life and so on.
Xbox gives us some exclusive games a few times a year and there have been a lot of them through the years.
Halo, Fable, Call of Juarez, Forza motorsport and of course Gears of war etc.
But unfortunately not everything is gold on the xbox. Us xbox gamers will always say that it is the best console. Besides that we have to play online(Bullshit Microsoft).  Well sometimes we have to become jealous and furious with the games that you can exclusively get to Playstation. This is an top 10 list of games that xbox gamers are jealous about.

10: Resistance series
9: Killzone series
I love shooters and some of the best exclusive shooters are those mentioned above. So many games sucks but shooters always has a tendency to just be awesome. It is in the male blood. We love to shoot and kill and when we just suddenly can't get into a war to kill some terrorist we have to do it on a console. Of course Resistance and Killzone is way out of the league of what could happen in the real world. But sometimes we just have to kill some monsters. When we were young they lived under the bed and scared us to death. This i our revenge.

8: Motorstorm.
Plain fun racing. What more is there to say.

7 Little big planet.

6 Infamous.
As mentioned earlier GTA is an all time favorite. You have the freedom in your hands and you can do what ever you want. A few games just as Prototype and as here Infamous has got their ideas from GTA but to make it a little different they made it with a few heroes instead. Infamous was a great hit on the ps3 and for a great reason. You had the choice to choose the faith of human. Just like Fable. And you can only love that.

5 and 4: Metal Gear Solid  and Demon's souls:
Why aren't these much higher you may ask. Well in 2011 We(xbox players) gets Dark Souls and probably in 2012 we get Metal Gear Solid. Take that ps3 titles. You are not exclusive anymore.

3: Heavy Rain.

Ahh Heavy Rain. How can you not want it. Fahrenheit was one of the best games i have ever played and thankfully Quantic Dreams made another just like it. Unfortunately only on the ps3. In which games can all of your protagonists actually die? And which games totally plays like a Hollywood movie all the way through. Heavy Rain does. I played it at my friend once. I never wanted to leave. But i had to. Thankfully i live with him now with another friend so i can play as much as i want. A little jealous xbox players? I would be

2: God of war:
Grrr Kratos i want to play you. The most angry person in a video game ever who just slays foes after foes without looking back. I want you. Now

and yes this needs to be spelled out loud. How the F*** can you be so cruel Naughty Dog. This game has everything. Best gameplay, best graphics(probably ever, and now number 3 is coming and is looking so much better, why!!) best main character and  best environments. This is Assassins creed meets Red Dead Redemption. That is how awesome this is. This is the reason why I want an ps3. So I can be just like you playstationeers. Astonished, blown away and spelled. 


First La noire review is in

First La Noire review is in

Earlier this morning the first review from one of the most anticipated games this year came through.
The review was suddenly removed but we snatched a bit and so far we can say that if the rest of the reviews are as good as the one in The Guardian, this will one of the highest rated games ever.

"Ever since it first worked out how to assemble pixels so that they resembled something more recognisable than aliens, the games industry has dreamed of creating one thing above all else – a game that is indistinguishable from a film, except that you can control the lead character. With LA Noire, it just might, finally, have found the embodiment of that particular holy grail.
The control system as "sufficiently simplified that even the most determined non-gamers shouldn't find it intimidating.

"The more hardcore gamers may carp that it isn't sufficiently action-packed or precise," the review continued.

"The one criticism that could be levelled at the game is that the shooting system has been over-simplified so that it feels clunky compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto.

"The game's pacing and narrative arc impress as much as its believability. The bog-standard detective work, fun though it is, is punctuated judiciously by action sequences including car chases, pursuing suspects on foot, climbing around inaccessible areas, puzzle-solving and, of course, shoot-outs."

The Guardian gave La Noire 5/5